About Us

Our Story

In 2013, Eternity Flower began as a humble venture with a profound vision: to celebrate the enduring beauty of flowers without the frequent necessity of store visits. Our early years were spent establishing an online store, nurturing this dream in a quaint corner of a bustling city in the US. In 2015, our ambition led us to California's fertile soil where we cultivated our own rose garden, transforming us from a simple flower shop to creators of enduring beauty.

Every rose from our garden is preserved through a non-toxic process, maintaining their vibrancy for up to three years, three times longer than our competitors. Assembled by hand into our signature boxes, they become more than a flower arrangement - they are a testament to our commitment to quality, longevity, and sustainable beauty. With Eternity Flower, you embrace a piece of preserved nature, contribute to a greener planet, and make a pledge of love and respect for our environment.

Preservation Process

Our roses are grown in the beautiful and sunny fields of our own garden. We handpick only the most stunning, vibrant, and flawless roses to use in our designs. Our expert floral team uses a special technique to preserve the roses while maintaining their natural and freshly cut appearance.

Instead of letting them simply dry out, we submerge the roses in a carefully crafted mixture of glycerine and other botanical elements. This process allows the solution to gradually permeate the stems, resulting in roses that outlast any other flower in the market. Once preserved, each arrangement is lovingly placed in our exquisitely designed boxes.

Meet Our Founder

Meet Rachel. Her story is entwined with the fragrance of blossoms and the love for her mother who nurtured this passion. Growing up, their family greenhouse was a haven of beauty and serenity, a testament to her mother's love for flowers. But at the age of 23, Rachel's world crumbled when her mother lost a long battle with cancer.

In her memory, Rachel vowed to sustain the family's passion for floriculture, carrying forward the legacy amidst her own heartache. Addressing her frustration with the limited online options for exquisite flowers arrangements, she founded Eternity Flower in 2013. This business combined the ease of online shopping with the beauty of long-lasting, well-preserved flowers.

Today, no matter where you are in the world, or the occasion, Rachel and her team at Eternity Flower commit to delivering this enchantment to your doorstep. It is more than a business - it's a living tribute to her mother, and each flower sent is a piece of Rachel's story of loss, resilience, and enduring love.