How long do Eternity Flower roses last?
Our Eternity Flower roses are designed to last for at least 3 years with proper care. These roses undergo a special preservation technique that allows them to maintain their beauty and freshness over an extended period. To ensure the best lifespan, it is recommended to keep them away from direct sunlight and moisture.

How big are Eternity Flower roses?
Eternity Flower offers roses in various sizes, ranging from small to large. Our small roses have an approximate diameter of 2.5 inches, while our large roses can measure up to 5 inches in diameter. Additionally, we provide different box shapes and sizes designed to accommodate specific quantities and types of roses.

Are Eternity Flower roses real?
Yes, Eternity Flower roses are real roses that are grown in our own garden in California. These roses undergo a rehydration process to preserve their natural appearance and longevity.

What colors do Eternity Flower roses come in?
Eternity Flower roses are available in a wide range of colors. We offer classic colors such as red, pink, white, yellow, and orange. Additionally, we have special colors including blue, purple, black, as well as metallic gold roses in silver, gold, and rose-gold hues. Please explore our collection to discover the full spectrum of colors available.

Where can I buy Eternity Flower roses?
You can purchase Eternity Flower roses online through our official website, eternityflower.com. We offer convenient and secure online ordering with international shipping available to over 50 countries. Simply select the roses of your choice, customize your order if desired, and proceed to checkout.

Are Eternity Flower roses safe for pets?
Yes, Eternity Flower roses are safe for pets. Our roses are non-toxic and do not contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides. However, we recommend following our home care advice to ensure the preservation of the roses and to keep them out of reach of curious pets.

How do I care for Eternity Flower roses?
To ensure the longevity of your Eternity Flower roses, we recommend the following care instructions:

  • Keep the arrangements away from direct sunlight and extreme heat. It's best to place them in a cool and dry area.
  • Avoid contact with water, as this can damage the preservation process.
  • Please refrain from removing the roses from their original box and avoid placing any objects on top of them.
  • For additional tips and recommendations, please visit our Home Care section on our website.
Are Eternity Flower roses environmentally friendly?

Yes, Eternity Flower roses are environmentally friendly. They are grown in Ecuadorian fields and preserved using a special technique that doesn't involve any harmful chemicals or pesticides. We are committed to sustainability and use recycled materials for our packaging and shipping.

Are Eternity Flower roses made of artificial materials?
No, Eternity Flower roses are not made of artificial materials. Our forever flowers are biodegradable and made from real roses that undergo a rehydration process, allowing them to last longer than fresh-cut flowers.

Are Eternity Flower rose arrangements customizable?
Yes, Eternity Flower rose arrangements are customizable. We offer a variety of arrangements that can be customized by color, size, and other options. You can also personalize arrangements and add special touches such as initials or numbers. If you have specific requests beyond our standard offerings, please reach out to us, and we will be happy to work with you to create a customized arrangement.

Are Eternity Flower roses handmade?
Yes, Eternity Flower roses are handmade and made to order. Our skilled florists carefully select and craft each rose and box to ensure the highest quality and the best results.

What other products does Eternity Flower offer?
In addition to our luxury roses, Eternity Flower offers a range of other products. We provide various flowers, accessories, and gifts, including jewelry and home decor items. Please explore our website to discover the full range of products we offer.

Does Eternity Flower offer discounts or promotions?
Yes, Eternity Flower offers discounts and promotions throughout the year. We also provide special packages and discounts for bulk orders. To stay updated on our latest offers, we encourage you to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter, where we announce exclusive discounts and promotions.