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How it Last 3+ Years

Exquisite Preserved Long Lasting Roses (Last at Least 3 Years)

At the heart of our extraordinary longevity lies our Exquisite Preserved Long Lasting Roses, designed to last at least 3 years. These roses are handpicked from the fertile, sun-soaked fields of California, and only the most vibrant and flawless are selected for our designs.

Our skilled floral experts use a unique method that lets these flowers retain their fresh-cut look. Instead of drying them out, they are rehydrated in a solution containing glycerin and other plant materials. This solution is absorbed through the stem, transforming the rose into a long-lasting wonder - the longest-lasting flower available on the market today.

Please be aware that our metallic-colored roses (gold, silver, rose-gold) undergo a spray process for their unique color. The application of this paint may cause minor cracks or spots on the petals, but this does not detract from their overall beauty and longevity. Experience the magic of our preserved roses and enjoy their beauty for years to come.

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Our customer frequently asked questions

How long do Eternity Flower roses last?

Our forever roses are created to last at least 3 years with appropriate care. Eternity Flower roses are preserved using a special method that lets them stay beautiful and fresh for an extended period. To ensure their longevity, we advise keeping them out of direct sunlight and away from moisture.

Are Eternity Flower roses real roses?

Indeed, Eternity Flower roses are genuine roses. They are cultivated in Californian fields and then undergo a rehydration process to retain their natural look.

What colors do Eternity Flower roses come in?

Our preserved roses are available in a wide range of colors, including classic red, pink, white, yellow, and orange. We also offer special colors such as blue, purple, and black, as well as metallic gold roses in silver, gold, and rose-gold hues.

Where can I buy Eternity Flower roses?

Eternity Flower roses can be purchased online at our website. We provide international shipping to more than 50 countries.

How should I care for Eternity Flowers?

We advise keeping our arrangements away from direct sunlight and extreme heat, in a cool, dry place. Avoid contact with water and do not remove the flowers from their original box. Also, ensure nothing is placed on top of the roses. Visit our Care Instructions page for additional tips.

Are Eternity Flowers made from artificial materials?

No, Eternity Flowers are not artificial. Our forever flowers are real, biodegradable blooms that undergo a rehydration process, enabling them to outlast traditional flowers.

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