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50+ Easy DIY Easter Decor Ideas to Celebrate the Holiday!

50+ Easy DIY Easter Decor Ideas to Celebrate the Holiday!

Get inspired by these DIY Easter decor ideas to brighten up your home this holiday! Let's celebrate Easter with a simple yet full of personal touch!

Easter is all about fun, bright colors, and spending time with family. It's the perfect chance to bring the happiness of spring into your home with some creative decorations. Whether you're looking to add a splash of color, bring in the natural beauty of spring, or create a festive atmosphere for your family, there's always room to infuse creativity and personal touch into your Easter celebrations.

Our guide of easter decor ideas is packed with simple yet beautiful DIY projects. These ideas are perfect for everyone, whether you love crafting or just want some fun projects to try with the kids. This article has plenty of inspiration to make your Easter special!

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When Is Easter 2024?

Easter is an important day for Christians because it's celebrating the day when Jesus Christ came back to life. It's also a time when many people celebrate the start of spring. Easter in 2024 falls on Sunday, March 31st. The date of Easter changes every year, depends on the moon's cycle. It is usually celebrate on the first Sunday after the first full moon that happens on or after March 21st. This makes Easter fall between March 22nd and April 25th.

Why Choose DIY Easter Decor Ideas?

Choosing DIY Easter decorations is a great idea because it lets you customize them to match your home and what your family likes, making Easter more special. It's also cheaper than buying decorations, so you can celebrate without spending a lot of money. Plus, making decorations is a fun way to spend the Easter time with your family and get creative. Overall, making your own Easter decorations makes the holiday more personal, saves money, and adds fun to the celebration.

50+ DIY Easter Decor Ideas that are Easy to Make!

For those who seeking the simple yet impactful ways to decorate for Easter, here are 50+ easy Easter decor ideas. These projects are perfect for adding a festive touch to your home without requiring too much time or resources:

Egg Carton Chicks

With a splash of yellow paint and a few wiggly eyes, empty egg cartons transform into adorable chirping chicks! Cut out the individual cups, add a felt beak, and maybe even some fluffy feathers for a touch of springtime charm. These recycled cuties are perfect for Easter decorations or a fun way to spark a child's imagination.

Easter Egg Garland

Brighten your home with a festive Easter egg garland! Hang a string of colorful plastic eggs, delicately painted wooden ones, or even sparkly, glitter-covered creations across your mantel, doorway, or window. This simple and joyful decoration brings the spirit of Easter into any space, adding a touch of whimsy and springtime cheer.

Printable Easter Banners

Get into the Easter spirit with printable Easter banners! These festive decorations instantly add cheerful color and whimsy to your home or classroom. Simply download, print on cardstock for durability, cut out the flags, and string them together for an instant touch of Easter charm.

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

Tissue paper pom-poms are the perfect party accessory! These fluffy, vibrant decorations add instant cheer to any space. With just a few sheets of colorful tissue paper, some string or wire, and a bit of folding, you can transform a room into a festive wonderland. Their lightweight design makes them easy to hang, and they come in a dazzling array of colors to match any celebration's theme.

Easter Themed Pillow Covers

Add a touch of springtime charm to your living space with Easter-themed pillow covers! From playful bunnies and vibrant eggs to whimsical florals and pastel palettes, these festive covers are the perfect way to infuse your home with the spirit of Easter. Choose from soft cotton, cozy linen, or durable outdoor fabrics to transform your sofa, chairs, or bed into an inviting Easter haven.

Mason Jar Flower Vases

Mason jar flower vases bring a touch of rustic charm and endless creativity to any space. Their classic shape and clear glass make them the perfect canvas for showing fresh blooms. Whether you paint them, wrap them in twine, or leave them as-is, they add a delightful element of homespun beauty perfect for easter decor.

Bunny Ear Napkin Rings

Add a touch of whimsy to your Easter tablescape with adorable bunny ear napkin rings. These charming holders transform simple napkins into playful bunnies, perfect for a festive brunch or dinner. Use pipe cleaners to make bunny ear shapes for your table setting.

Easter Egg Wreath

Transform your home with a festive Easter egg wreath! This charming DIY project is a great way to add a splash of color and springtime cheer to your front door. Gather an assortment of plastic or wooden eggs in vibrant pastels or bold patterns. Decorate them with paint, glitter, or decoupage, then secure them to a simple grapevine or foam wreath base. Add a finishing touch with a playful ribbon bow or sprigs of fresh greenery for a delightful Easter decoration.

Paper Easter Baskets

Paper Easter baskets offer a delightful and customizable way to celebrate the season. With their endless colors, patterns, and embellishment possibilities, they are a fantastic DIY project for all ages. From simple folded designs to intricate woven creations, paper baskets let you add personalized flair to your Easter decorations while offering a fun and festive way to hold those cherished treats.

Eggshell Tealight Holders 

For a charming and eco-friendly Easter touch, transform leftover eggshells into adorable tealight holders. Simply clean the shells, dye them in delicate pastels or leave them naturally white, and nestle a small tealight candle inside. These delicate holders create a soft, enchanting glow on your Easter tablescape and provide a beautiful way to upcycle food scraps.

Bunny Tail Bunting

Transform your space with a touch of Easter whimsy! Craft a delightful Bunny Tail Bunting using fluffy white pom-poms for the tails. String them along a colorful ribbon or twine and hang your adorable creation above the fireplace, across a doorway, or along a bookshelf. The playful bunny tails will add a charming and festive touch to your Easter celebrations..

Easter Egg Magnets

Easter egg magnets are a delightful way to add a touch of whimsy to your holiday decor. Transform plain wooden or plastic eggs with vibrant paint, glitter, and other embellishments. After your creations are dry, simply attach small magnets to the back. Now you have festive and unique magnets to brighten up your refrigerator, magnetic board, or any other metal surface!

Window Clings

Turn your windows into festive Easter scenes with DIY window clings! These are a fun and easy way to add charm and color to your home. Use puffy paint to trace Easter-themed designs like bunnies, eggs, and chicks onto sheets of plastic. Once dry, peel them off and stick them directly to your windows for a cheerful, removable decoration the whole family will enjoy.

Felt Easter Ornaments

For a charming and personalized touch this Easter, try crafting your own felt Easter ornaments! Cut out simple Easter shapes like eggs, bunnies, and chicks, then embellish them with embroidery, beads, or tiny felt cutouts. These delightful ornaments add a touch of homemade warmth to your Easter decorations.

Grass Centerpieces

Bring a touch of springtime freshness to your Easter table with a charming DIY grass centerpiece. Start by growing your own patch of wheatgrass or ryegrass in a decorative container. Once the grass is lush and green, adorn it with colorful Easter eggs, miniature bunnies, or delicate spring flowers. This simple and natural decoration adds a vibrant and cheerful element to your Easter celebration.

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Easter Coloring Pages

Turn your Easter celebration into a fun craft project with printable Easter coloring pages! These charming designs offer endless possibilities for creating unique decorations. Color bunnies, chicks, Easter eggs, and spring flowers in your favorite vibrant hues. Then, cut them out and use them to make festive garlands, eye-catching centerpieces, or even personalized Easter cards for loved ones.

Peep Skewers

Peep skewers are a festive and fun addition to your Easter decorations! Simply thread your favorite colorful Peeps chicks or bunnies onto skewers, alternating them with bright fruits like grapes, strawberries, and pineapple chunks. These adorable skewers are easy for kids to help create and make a delightful centerpiece or sweet snack for your Easter gatherings.

Washi Tape Eggs

If you're looking for a fun and mess-free way to decorate Easter eggs, look no further than washi tape! These colorful, patterned tapes add instant charm and a playful touch to your Easter decor. Choose from stripes, florals, animal prints, or geometric designs to create your unique egg masterpieces. The best part? Washi tape is super easy to use and a perfect craft for all ages!

Easter Themed Coasters

Add a touch of Easter whimsy to your table with DIY coasters! Transform plain cork coasters into adorable bunnies with felt ears and pom-pom tails. Paint wooden coasters in pastel colors and decorate with Easter eggs or chicks. Or, for a rustic touch, coil rope into an egg shape and secure it with hot glue. These charming coasters will protect your surfaces while spreading Easter cheer.

Easter Candy Jars

Easter candy jars are a festive and fun way to incorporate your favorite treats into your holiday decor! Grab some clear jars, colorful candies like jelly beans, chocolate eggs, or Peeps, and a few Easter-themed embellishments. Fill the jar with candy, add a cute bunny figurine to the lid, and finish it off with a ribbon for a delightful and personalized touch that's perfect for gifting or enjoying at home.

Ribbon Eggs

Ribbon eggs add a touch of elegance and whimsy to your Easter decorations. Choose ribbons with beautiful patterns, textures, or spring colors. Wrap them around plastic, wooden, or even real blown-out eggs, securing them with a bit of glue. Add embellishments like beads, lace, or tiny flowers for a personalized touch. These charming creations look lovely displayed in baskets, nestled amongst greenery, or even hung as delicate ornaments.

Bunny Garland

Bring a touch of whimsy to your Easter décor with a charming DIY bunny garland. Simply cut out adorable bunny shapes from felt or cardstock. Choose cheerful colors like pink, yellow, and blue. Add fluffy pompom tails and string your bunnies along twine or ribbon. This easy and festive craft adds a playful pop to mantels, doorways, or even Easter baskets!

Easter Egg Rocks

Easter egg rocks are a fun and creative way to add a touch of whimsy to your Easter décor. Gather smooth stones and paint them in bright colors and patterns reminiscent of Easter eggs. Stripes, polka dots, zig-zags, and even floral designs add a charming, playful look. Place your decorated rocks in baskets, display them on tables, or use them to create a festive outdoor Easter egg hunt.

Paper Daffodils

Paper daffodils are a cheerful and simple way to infuse your home with the spirit of Easter and springtime. Their bright yellow petals and trumpet-shaped centers add a touch of sunshine to any room. The best part is that you can easily craft them with supplies like construction paper, tissue paper, or even coffee filters, making them a fun and budget-friendly DIY project for all ages.

Easter Card Display

Create a charming Easter card display to showcase your homemade greetings! Gather your most vibrant and creative DIY Easter cards and arrange them in a cheerful display. Try hanging them like garland on a mantelpiece, using clothespins to attach them to a length of twine. Or, prop them up with miniature easels on a shelf alongside other festive Easter decorations like painted eggs and fluffy bunnies.

Bunny Bookends

For a charming and functional Easter touch, transform plain brick into adorable bunny bookends. Paint them in soft pastels or leave them natural, then add cute details like felt ears, pom-pom tails, and button eyes. These whimsical bookends are not only a delightful decoration but will help keep your favorite Easter-themed books or spring reads stylishly organized..

Carrot Napkin Bundles

Spice up your Easter table setting with charming carrot napkin bundles! Gather orange napkins and fold them diagonally into long triangles, mimicking a carrot shape. Bundle your silverware inside, then use green ribbon or raffia to tie the 'carrot' together. Finish off the look by adding a sprig of fresh herbs or a raffia bow for a touch of rustic elegance. These adorable bundles add a burst of color and whimsy to your Easter celebration.

Easter Egg Place Cards

Add a touch of whimsy and personalization to your Easter table with DIY Easter egg place cards! Transform plain eggs (real or faux) into charming name holders with a bit of paint, glitter, and decorative accents. Nestle them in miniature baskets, display them on simple stands, or even incorporate them into your centerpiece for a playful, festive touch that's sure to delight your guests.

Paper Plate Bunny Masks

Paper plate bunny masks are a classic and adorable Easter craft project! With a few simple supplies like paper plates, construction paper, markers, and glue, you can transform ordinary plates into cute bunny faces. Kids will love decorating their masks with whiskers, big bunny teeth, and floppy ears. Hang your finished bunny masks as festive Easter decorations, or let the little ones wear them for a fun Easter egg hunt!

Easter Tree

Easter trees offer a playful and festive way to bring the joy of spring into your home. Start with a small tabletop tree or collect some bare branches for a rustic look. Adorn your tree with colorful blown-out eggshells, pastel paper ornaments, or even sweet treats like miniature chocolate eggs. A charming Easter tree centerpiece will bring delightful cheer to your holiday decor.

Jelly Bean Candle Holders

Jelly bean candle holders transform ordinary candles into festive Easter centerpieces! Get creative with clear vases, jars, or glasses. Simply pour in a colorful layer of jelly beans, then nestle a tea light candle or small votive into the center. The vibrant candy colors will shine beautifully when the candle is lit, adding a touch of whimsical charm to your Easter decorations.

Easter Tic-Tac-Toe

Add a playful touch to your Easter decor with a DIY Easter Tic-Tac-Toe game! Paint a small wooden board with a classic grid, or decorate a fabric square. Instead of X's and O's, create adorable Easter-themed pieces. Little chicks and bunnies can be fashioned from modeling clay, painted stones, or felt cut-outs. This charming game is a fun activity for all ages and doubles as a festive Easter decoration.

Easter Egg Hunt Signs

Add a touch of whimsy to your Easter egg hunt with charming DIY signs! Craft colorful arrows with playful messages like "Eggs this way!" or "Bunny Trail Ahead". Use upcycled wood, cardboard, or even sturdy cardstock to create your signs. Decorate them with bright paint, glitter, and Easter-themed motifs like bunnies, chicks, and of course, eggs. These cheerful signs will guide excited little hunters and add a festive touch to your Easter celebration.

Bunny Silhouette Art

Bunny silhouette art offers a charming and minimalist way to bring Easter cheer into your home. With simple materials like cardstock, paint, or even fabric, you can easily create delightful bunny silhouettes to adorn walls, windows, or gift tags. Choose classic black for a striking look, experiment with soft pastels for spring vibes, or add a touch of whimsy with glitter or patterned paper. This easy DIY project is perfect for adding a touch of personalized Easter charm to your decorations.

Crochet Egg Cozies

Add a touch of whimsy to your Easter table with charming crochet egg cozies! These delightful handmade covers transform ordinary boiled eggs into festive centerpieces. Embrace playful designs like bunnies, chicks, or vibrant spring flowers. Not only are crochet egg cozies adorable, but they also keep your eggs warm while adding a personalized touch to your Easter celebrations.

Pom-Pom Chicks

Fluffy and adorable, pom-pom chicks are the perfect DIY Easter project! Simply make yellow pom-poms using a pom-pom maker or your fingers. Add tiny googly eyes, felt beaks, and little orange feet for delightful details. Hang your pom-pom chicks from budding branches, scatter them around your Easter centerpiece, or even tuck them into Easter baskets for a touch of whimsical charm.

Yarn-Wrapped Eggs

Transform ordinary plastic eggs into charming Easter decorations with a simple touch of yarn! Choose your favorite colors and patterns, then carefully wrap the yarn around the eggs, securing it with a bit of glue. The soft texture and vibrant colors add a cozy, handmade touch to your Easter displays. Hang them with ribbons for a whimsical garland or arrange them in a basket for a festive centerpiece.

Easter Basket Liners

Add a touch of whimsy and personality to your Easter baskets this year with DIY liners! Transform simple baskets with vibrant fabrics, playful patterns like bunnies or chicks, or a splash of spring colors. You could even repurpose cheerful bandanas, tea towels, or vintage scarves for an eco-friendly and unique twist. Lush paper shred or crinkled tissue paper make the perfect nesting material for all your Easter goodies.

Spring Candle Rings

Bring the freshness of spring into your Easter décor with DIY candle rings! Nestle your favorite candles within a cheerful wreath of pastel florals, tiny speckled eggs, and delicate greenery. Opt for a rustic touch with a base of twine or grapevine, or create a sophisticated look using a sleek metal ring and vibrant spring blooms. These charming candle rings are easy to personalize and make delightful centerpieces or accents for your Easter celebration.

Easter Table Runner

Transform your Easter table with a vibrant, handmade table runner! Embrace the spirit of the season with playful fabrics featuring bunnies, eggs, and pastel colors. Get creative with burlap and lace for a rustic touch, or upcycle old fabrics for a sustainable and budget-friendly option. Add a personal touch with hand-stitched details or colorful felt cutouts for a centerpiece that's as unique as your Easter celebration.

Egg Shell Mosaic

Transform your Easter eggshells into dazzling works of art with egg shell mosaics! Save those colorful dyed shells after the egg hunt and crush them into small pieces. Glue the fragments onto cardstock or wood to create vibrant Easter-themed designs – bunnies, chicks, crosses, or even a basket filled with eggs. Let your creativity shine with this fun and eco-friendly Easter craft.

Easter Photo Booth Props

For a festive Easter celebration, create your own charming photo booth! Get crafty with DIY props like colorful felt bunny ears, oversized cardboard eggs with fun patterns, pastel paper flowers, and whimsical "Happy Easter" signs. Let your imagination run wild, and capture those precious holiday memories with a personalized photo booth.

Easter-Themed Throw Blankets

Soft Easter-themed throw blankets offer a cozy way to enhance your festive decorations. Choose a pastel-colored blanket with bunnies, eggs, or chicks for a classic look. Embellish plain throw blankets with simple embroidery or fabric paint designs for a unique touch. Get creative by turning a patterned Easter blanket into playful pillow covers or adding festive appliques for extra charm.

Bunny Tail Door Hanger

Transform your front door into an Easter wonderland with a whimsical bunny tail door hanger! Use fluffy white pom-poms for the tail, and a simple wooden cutout or a painted cardboard bunny silhouette. Add a touch of spring with a pastel ribbon bow and a sprig of faux greenery. This charming DIY project is easy to assemble and will bring a delightful Easter spirit to your home.

Egg Cup Flower Display

Egg cups offer a whimsical way to celebrate Easter with a touch of DIY flair. Transform ordinary egg cups into charming miniature vases. Gather small, delicate blooms like violets, pansies, or grape hyacinth. Arrange them artfully within the egg cups, adding a sprinkle of greenery for a fresh, spring-like appearance. This simple project brings a playful and personalized touch to your Easter table setting.

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Bunny Feet Pathway

Create a whimsical Easter scene with a Bunny Feet Pathway! Using construction paper or sidewalk chalk, cut out or draw large bunny footprints in pastel colors like pink, yellow, and blue. Lead these footprints from the front door, throughout the yard, and towards a hidden basket of Easter treats, a stuffed bunny, or another playful surprise. This charming pathway is sure to delight kids and adults alike!

Easter Egg Bouquet

For a unique and festive Easter decoration, ditch the traditional basket and create an Easter Egg Bouquet! Start with a simple vase or jar. Choose vibrantly dyed or intricately decorated Easter eggs – plastic or hard-boiled will work. Attach each egg to the end of a thin wooden skewer or floral wire. Arrange the skewers in your vase, varying heights for a playful look. You can even add sprigs of greenery or faux flowers to complete your cheerful Easter centerpiece.

Printable Easter Placemats

Add a charming touch to your Easter celebration with printable Easter placemats! These DIY decorations offer delightful designs featuring bunnies, eggs, chicks, and other Easter symbols. Simply download your favorite designs, print them on cardstock for durability, and let the kids personalize them with crayons or markers. Printable placemats are a fun, affordable, and creative way to enhance your Easter table setting.

Easter Egg Puzzle

Spice up your Easter decorations with a delightful DIY Easter egg puzzle! For an extra challenge, hide puzzle pieces in plastic eggs for kids to find and assemble. Once all the pieces are found, the fun of putting the puzzle together adds to the Easter excitement. It's a creative and engaging activity for all ages!

Bunny Breakfast

Transform your Easter morning with a whimsical Bunny Breakfast! Get creative with bunny-shaped pancakes (use a squeeze bottle for the ears!) and add cute faces with chocolate chips. Serve with 'bunny munch' granola in paper carrot cones and top with yogurt and adorable bunny sprinkles. This charming breakfast spread will delight kids and adults alike, making it a memorable Easter tradition.

Easter Egg Mobile

Transform your space with a whimsical Easter egg mobile! Decorate plastic or blown-out eggs with vibrant paints, glitter, and spring-themed patterns. Carefully pierce small holes at the top and bottom of each egg and thread them with colorful string or ribbon. Attach the decorated eggs to a simple embroidery hoop or branch for a charming, festive mobile that adds a touch of Easter cheer to any room.

Easter Themed Soap Dispensers

Transform ordinary soap dispensers into festive Easter decorations with a simple DIY project! Grab some clear glass dispensers and fill them with brightly colored soaps. Decorate the outside with Easter-themed stickers like bunnies, chicks, and eggs. Or, get creative and paint your own designs for a personalized touch. These cheerful dispensers will add a touch of Easter whimsy to your bathroom or kitchen.

Eggshell Seed Starters

Turn your Easter eggshells into adorable seed starters for a touch of springtime charm! Carefully crack eggs near the top, rinse the shells, and poke a small drainage hole at the bottom. Fill them with seed-starting mix, plant your favorite herb or flower seeds, and place them in a sunny spot. These eco-friendly planters add a whimsical touch to your Easter decor while nurturing new life.

Easter Themed Bookmark

Craft a charming Easter-themed bookmark for a touch of whimsy in your favorite reads. Cut cardstock into classic bookmark shapes, then decorate with adorable Easter motifs like bunnies, chicks, colorful eggs, or spring flowers. Add a ribbon or yarn tassel for a delightful finishing touch. These bookmarks make lovely additions to your Easter decor and thoughtful little gifts!

Easter Pinwheel Decor

Add a touch of whimsy to your Easter decor with DIY pinwheels! Craft these cheerful spinners using colorful paper featuring spring patterns like bunnies, chicks, or flowers. Choose bright colors and stick the pinwheels in flower pots, arrange them in a vase, or create a festive pinwheel garland to brighten up any space. Their playful spin is sure to bring smiles this Easter.

Easter Egg Table Scatter

Create a charming Easter tablescape with DIY Easter egg table scatter. Decorate small plastic eggs with a variety of techniques – paint, glitter, decoupage, or even temporary tattoos. Scatter them generously across your tablecloth or nestle them among flowers and greenery for a delightful pop of color and festivity. This simple touch adds instant Easter cheer to your dining setting!

Bunny Shaped Snacks

Make your Easter celebrations even more adorable with bunny-shaped snacks! Use cookie cutters to transform bread, pancakes, or rice cereal treats into cute bunnies. Decorate your snacks with icing, sprinkles, or fresh fruit for colorful and delicious Easter treats. These charming snacks are a fun and easy DIY project that both kids and adults will enjoy!


Creating DIY Easter decor is a wonderful way to celebrate the season, adding a personal and creative touch to your festivities. Whether you're crafting with family or preparing for an Easter gathering, these ideas are sure to bring joy and color into your home. These DIY Easter decor ideas offer a variety of creative ways to bring the spirit of Easter and the freshness of spring into your home, making your celebration even more memorable and personalized.  Embrace the spirit of spring with these fun, easy projects, and make this Easter one to remember!