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150+ Beautiful Flower Names for Girls with Their Unique Meanings

150+ Beautiful Flower Names for Girls with Their Unique Meanings

Find over 150 beautiful flower names for girls. Each one has its own story and meaning, just like your child. Find the right flower for her name, from Amaryllis to Zinnia, and let her story spread like a flower petal in the sun.

Every name is a flower in the yard of life, and what could be better ideas for names for our little girls than flower names? Because each flower has its own story, meaning, and beauty, they make great names that are both cute and important. 

Flower Names for Girls

Here are 150 flower names for girls. Each one has a simple but unique meaning and could be great for your little flower.

1. Amaryllis

Pride and splendid beauty are embodied in the Amaryllis, with its bold, trumpet-shaped blooms that captivate all who gaze upon them.

2. Azalea

The Azalea whispers tales of fragile passion and first love, its delicate blossoms symbolizing the tender beginnings of emotional connections.

3. Begonia

A cautionary tale of beauty with depth is told by the Begonia, reflecting its toxic yet stunning nature, reminding us that not all beauty is to be trifled with.

4. Calla

Graceful beauty in simplicity is echoed in the sleek lines of the Calla lily, a symbol of elegance and refined taste.

5. Dahlia

The Dahlia stands for dignity and elegance, inspired by the flower's diverse forms and colors, representing a sophisticated and varied beauty.

6. Edelweiss

Noble courage is the essence of the Edelweiss, embodying the purity and resilience of alpine blooms that thrive in the harshest conditions.

7. Freesia

Trust and friendship are mirrored in the fragrant, colorful petals of the Freesia, a reminder of the enduring bonds between companions.

8. Gardenia

Pure joy is carried in the sweet scent and pristine beauty of Gardenia's white flowers, a symbol of pure happiness and contentment.

9. Heather

Solitude and protection are drawn from the Heather's ability to thrive in the wild, symbolizing independence and self-reliance.

10. Iris

Hope and wisdom are named for the rainbow, with the Iris's myriad of colors representing the vast spectrum of life's possibilities.

11. Jasmine

Sensuality and grace are evoked by the intoxicating scent and delicate blooms of Jasmine, a flower that enchants the senses.

12. Kalmia

Ambition and perseverance are inspired by the rugged beauty of the mountain laurel, Kalmia, which thrives against all odds.

13. Lavender

Serenity and calm are reflected in the soothing fragrance of Lavender, a balm for the restless soul seeking peace.

14. Magnolia

Splendid beauty and dignity echo in the grandeur of the Magnolia tree, a living testament to nature's majesty.

15. Nerine

Spontaneity and boldness are captured in the striking, lily-like flowers of the Nerine, symbolizing the courage to stand out.

16. Orchid

Exotic beauty and refinement symbolize the Orchid's varied and mystic allure, a flower that fascinates with its complexity.

17. Poppy

Remembrance and consolation are inspired by the delicate beauty of the Poppy, a symbol of memory and solace in times of loss.

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18. Quince

Love and temptation are associated with the early spring blossoms of the Quince, a fruit that heralds the arrival of warmth and affection.

19. Rose

Love and beauty in their purest form are embodied in the timeless elegance of Roses, the quintessential symbol of romantic devotion.

20. Sakura

Transient beauty of life is symbolized by the brief bloom of the cherry blossom, Sakura, reminding us of the fleeting nature of existence.

21. Tulip

Perfect love is reflected in the bold colors and prized history of the Tulip, a flower that has captivated hearts for centuries.

22. Violet

Modesty and faithfulness are drawn from the delicate beauty of the Violet, a humble yet profound symbol of loyalty and humility.

23. Wisteria

Welcoming and playfulness are mirrored in the cascading beauty of Wisteria blooms, inviting joy and laughter into any space.

24. Xanthe

Happiness and abundance are inspired by golden-yellow flowers, with Xanthe symbolizing the bright and cheerful aspects of life.

25. Yarrow

Healing and protection are reflected in the medicinal uses of the Yarrow, a plant that has guarded health through the ages.

26. Zinnia

Lasting affection is symbolized by the flower's long-lasting blooms, with Zinnia representing the enduring nature of friendship.

27. Acacia

Secret love is symbolized by the delicate, yellow blooms' hidden beauty, with Acacia whispering tales of concealed affections.

28. Blossom

A fresh start or renewal is embodied in the very essence of spring, with Blossom representing new beginnings and hope.

29. Camellia

Admiration and perfection are reflected in the flower's exquisite beauty, with Camellia symbolizing the highest esteem one can hold.

30. Daisy

Innocence and purity are captured in the simple yet captivating Daisy, a symbol of the unspoiled beauty of youth.

Flower Names for Girls

31. Evanthe

Eternal life is inspired by the Greek meaning "fair flower," with Evanthe symbolizing the timeless allure of natural beauty.

32. Flora

The goddess of flowers represents the beauty of nature itself, with Flora embodying the life-giving force of the botanical world.

33. Glynnis

Valley of flowers echoes the lush beauty of floral valleys, with Glynnis symbolizing the abundance and diversity of nature's bounty.

34. Hibiscus

Delicate beauty symbolizes the exotic and vibrant Hibiscus flower, a testament to the enchanting allure of the tropics.

35. Ianthe

Violet flower embodies the beauty and rarity of purple blooms, with Ianthe symbolizing the precious and often overlooked treasures of the garden.

36. Jessamine

A variant of Jasmine evokes the same sensuality and grace, with Jessamine continuing the legacy of this intoxicatingly fragrant bloom.

37. Kerria

Rare beauty, named after the bright yellow, pom-pom-like Kerria flowers, symbolizes the unique and uncommon treasures that life offers.

38. Lilac

First emotions of love are mirrored in the fragrant, early blooms of the Lilac, a herald of spring and the awakening of the heart.

39. Marigold

Sunlight and warmth symbolize the flower's bright, golden hues, with Marigold representing the nurturing glow of the sun.

40. Narcissa

Self-love and admiration are inspired by the myth of Narcissus, with Narcissa symbolizing the importance of self-awareness and appreciation.

41. Oleander

Caution and beauty reflect the flower's toxic yet stunning nature, with Oleander reminding us of the dual nature of attraction.

42. Petunia

Comfort and soothing presence are symbolized by the flower's wide array of colors, with Petunia representing the comfort found in diversity.

43. Quinoa

A unique choice, representing growth and nourishment, albeit more known as a grain, Quinoa symbolizes the foundational elements of life.

44. Ranunculus

Radiant charm is inspired by the flower's lush, multi-petaled blooms, with Ranunculus symbolizing the captivating beauty of layered complexity.

45. Senna

Brightness and splendor are named after the flowering plant with radiant yellow blooms, symbolizing the light that guides us through darkness.

46. Thistle

Resilience and protection symbolize the Thistle's prickly beauty, a reminder of the strength found in standing one's ground.

47. Ursinia

Sunshine and joy are inspired by the flower's bright, daisy-like appearance, with Ursinia symbolizing the simple pleasures that brighten our days.

48. Verbena

Healing and creativity reflect the flower's use in folk medicine and vibrant colors, with Verbena symbolizing the healing power of artistic expression.

49. Wallflower

Humble beauty symbolizes the unassuming charm of the Wallflower, a reminder that true beauty often resides in the quiet and overlooked.

50. Xenia

Hospitality and welcoming are inspired by the Greek concept of guest-friendship, akin to the inviting nature of flowers, with Xenia symbolizing the warmth of open-hearted generosity.

51. Yucca

Resilience and beauty symbolize the Yucca plant's ability to thrive in harsh conditions, a testament to the enduring spirit of nature.

52. Zephyranthes

West wind reflects the flower's delicate beauty and association with the gentlest of breezes, with Zephyranthes symbolizing the soft and subtle influences that shape our lives.

53. Aster

Star-like beauty symbolizes love and daintiness, with Aster reminding us of the celestial origins of our deepest affections.

54. Bryony

Growth and vigor are inspired by the vigorous vine with its spiraling growth, symbolizing the unstoppable force of life.

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55. Clematis

Mental beauty reflects the flower's intricate, climbing beauty, with Clematis symbolizing the complex and beautiful nature of the mind.

56. Daphne

Victory and honor are named after the laurel tree, associated with crowning heroes, symbolizing the triumph of spirit over adversity.

57. Erica

Solitude and protection, akin to the heather plant, thriving in barren landscapes, symbolize the strength found in solitude and the protection offered by nature.

58. Fern

Sincerity and fascination symbolize the non-flowering plant's lush, green fronds, with Fern reminding us of the enduring allure of nature's simplest forms.

59. Gaura

Superb beauty is inspired by the delicate, butterfly-like flowers of the Gaura plant, symbolizing the ethereal and fleeting beauty of life.

60. Honeysuckle

Bonds of love symbolize the flower's sweet scent and its ability to attract, with Honeysuckle reminding us of the magnetic power of love.

Flower Names for Girls

61. Ivy

Fidelity and eternity reflect the Ivy plant's enduring and evergreen nature, symbolizing the everlasting bonds that hold us together.

62. Jonquil

Desire and affection are symbolized by the fragrant, yellow blooms of the daffodil family, with Jonquil reminding us of the warmth of heartfelt desires.

63. Kiwi

Exotic and vibrant, named after the fruit but reminiscent of the plant's unusual flowers and vigorous growth, Kiwi symbolizes the adventurous spirit that seeks out the novel and unique.

64. Lorelei

Alluring and captivating, inspired by the mythic figure but reflecting the mesmerizing beauty of exotic blooms, Lorelei symbolizes the irresistible pull of the mysterious and the unknown.

65. Mallow

Softness and gentleness are named after the plant with velvety leaves and delicate flowers, symbolizing the gentle touch that soothes and comforts.

66. Nandina

Reflection and transformation symbolize the plant's ability to change colors with the seasons, with Nandina reminding us of the beauty of change and the reflective journey of life.

67. Oleandra

Beauty and strength are inspired by the Oleander's beautiful but toxic flowers, symbolizing the complex nature of beauty, which can both enchant and caution.

68. Prairie

Wild and free symbolize the untamed beauty of prairie flowers and their resilience, with Prairie reminding us of the expansive freedom found in nature's open spaces.

69. Quince

Love and temptation are associated with the early spring blossoms of the Quince, symbolizing the allure of budding affections and the sweetness of yielding to temptation.

70. Rowan

Protection and inspiration are named after the tree known for its protective qualities and beautiful berries, symbolizing the safeguarding of our dreams and the inspiration to reach for them.

71. Senna

Brightness and splendor are named after the flowering plant with radiant yellow blooms, symbolizing the light of knowledge and the splendor of discovery.

72. Tamarind

Exotic and tangy, inspired by the Tamarind tree's unique flowers and flavorful fruit, symbolizes the spice of diversity and the richness of blending cultures.

73. Ulex

Resilience and warmth are named after the gorse plant, known for its yellow flowers and prickly nature, symbolizing the warmth of hope amidst the thorns of challenges.

74. Valerian

Rest and tranquility are named after the flower known for its medicinal properties that promote relaxation, symbolizing the peace found in nature's embrace.

75. Wattle

Unity and prosperity symbolize the Australian Wattle's significance and golden blooms, with Wattle reminding us of the strength found in unity and the prosperity that comes from collective effort.

76. Xyris

Brightness and cheer are named after the yellow flowering plants of the Xyris genus, symbolizing the joy and light that flowers bring to our lives.

77. Yucca

Resilience and beauty symbolize the Yucca plant's ability to thrive in harsh conditions, a testament to the enduring spirit of beauty that persists against all odds.

78. Zahara

Shining light is inspired by the vibrant, sun-loving flowers, with Zahara symbolizing the radiant beauty that illuminates even the darkest corners.

79. Anemone

Anticipation and protection from evil are inspired by the myth surrounding the Anemone flower, symbolizing the protective circle of nature and the hopeful anticipation of new beginnings.

80. Bryonia

Vigor and growth are named after a vine with small flowers and significant in herbal lore, symbolizing the vigorous pursuit of growth and the strength found in natural remedies.

81. Calendula

Healing and joy symbolize the Marigold's use in healing and its bright, cheerful flowers, reminding us of the healing power of joy and the bright bloom of health.

82. Daphne

Laurel and victory are inspired by the nymph transformed into a laurel tree, symbolizing the triumph of spirit and the victory of enduring grace.

83. Erica

Solitude and beauty are named after the heather family plant, known for its hardy nature and delicate blooms, symbolizing the beauty found in solitude and the strength of the independent spirit.

84. Freesia

Trust and friendship reflect the flower's colorful and fragrant blooms, with Freesia symbolizing the enduring bonds of friendship and the trust that blossoms in true companionship.

85. Gentiana

Charm and victory are named after the genus with striking blue flowers, symbolizing the strength to overcome and the charm that wins hearts.

86. Helenium

Tears and sorrow are inspired by the myth of Helen of Troy, but also symbolizing resilience, with Helenium reminding us that even through tears, we find the strength to grow.

87. Ixia

Happiness and grace are named after the star-shaped flowers, known for their delicate beauty, symbolizing the gracefulness of happiness that touches our lives lightly but profoundly.

88. Jacaranda

Beauty and uniqueness are inspired by the tree known for its stunning purple blooms, with Jacaranda symbolizing the unique beauty that stands out in any landscape.

89. Kalanchoe

Persistence and renewal symbolize the plant's ability to rebloom with minimal care, with Kalanchoe reminding us of the persistent spirit of renewal that defines life.

90. Liatris

Joy and bliss are named after the blazing star flower, symbolizing happiness and high spirits, with Liatris reminding us of the pure joy found in nature's simple beauties.

Flower Names for Girls

91. Monarda

Compassion and protection are named after the bee balm plant, known for its medicinal properties, symbolizing the compassionate care and protection we offer to those we love.

92. Nemesia

Thoughts and memories symbolize the flower's ability to evoke past experiences, with Nemesia reminding us of the power of memory to connect us to our past and guide our future.

93. Oxalis

Joy and luck are named after the wood sorrel, known for its clover-like leaves and delicate flowers, symbolizing the joy of simple pleasures and the luck that blooms in unexpected places.

94. Petunia

Comfort and soothing presence are symbolized by the flower's wide array of colors, with Petunia representing the comfort found in beauty and the soothing presence of nature's hues.

95. Quaking Grass

Agility and resilience symbolize the plant's ability to sway without breaking, with Quaking Grass reminding us of the resilience found in flexibility and the strength in bending with the wind.

96. Ranunculus

Radiant charm is inspired by the flower's lush, multi-petaled blooms, with Ranunculus symbolizing the captivating beauty that draws us in and holds us in its spell.

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97. Salvia

Wisdom and healing are named after the sage family plant, known for its medicinal and culinary uses, symbolizing the wisdom of nature and the healing power of herbal knowledge.

98. Thunbergia

Protection and enclosure symbolize the plant's use as a sheltering vine, with Thunbergia reminding us of the protective embrace of nature and the enclosure that offers safety.

99. Utricularia

Mystery and fascination are named after the genus of carnivorous plants, symbolizing the allure of the unknown and the fascination with nature's mysteries.

100. Verbasco

Light and warmth are inspired by the mullein's tall, candle-like flower spikes, with Verbasco symbolizing the light that guides us through darkness and the warmth that comforts us in the cold.

101. Watsonia

Adventure and discovery are named after the genus with striking spires of flowers, symbolizing the spirit of exploration and the adventure that lies in the discovery of the new.

102. Xeranthemum

Eternity and immortality symbolize the flower's long-lasting and dried flower arrangements, with Xeranthemum reminding us of the enduring beauty that transcends time.

103. Yarrow

Healing and protection reflect the flower's use in traditional medicine and its ability to ward off negativity, with Yarrow symbolizing the healing journey and the protective circle that guards our well-being.

104. Zantedeschia

Purity and elegance are named after the genus of the calla lily, symbolizing refined beauty and the pure elegance that stands timeless and graceful.

105. Abelia

Breath and spirit are inspired by the ornamental shrub with delicate flowers, symbolizing the essence of life and the breath of the spirit that animates us.

106. Buddleia

Renewal and change are named after the butterfly bush, symbolizing transformation and the renewal that comes with change, reminding us of the constant evolution of life.

107. Cleome

Spider flower symbolizes exploration and the intricate connections of life, with Cleome reminding us of the web of relationships that bind us and the exploration that leads to understanding.

108. Dierama

Fairy's wand is inspired by the plant's graceful, arching flowers, symbolizing enchantment and the magic that dwells within the natural world, inviting us to believe in the wonder of life.

109. Echium

Pride and abundance are named after the viper's bugloss, known for its tall spikes of flowers, symbolizing the pride in natural beauty and the abundance that nature offers generously.

110. Fritillaria

Mystery and grace are inspired by the checkered tulip, symbolizing elegance and intrigue, with Fritillaria reminding us of the mysterious allure of beauty that captivates and enchants.

111. Geranium

Friendship and health symbolize the plant's traditional use in promoting wellness, with Geranium reminding us of the healthful bonds of friendship that sustain and nurture us through life.

112. Heliotrope

Devotion and eternal love are named after the plant known for its sun-following blooms, symbolizing the unwavering devotion and the eternal love that follows us through life's journey.

113. Ipomoea

Hope and freedom are named after the morning glory, symbolizing the start of a new day and the freedom that comes with each new dawn, reminding us of the endless possibilities that each day holds.

114. Jovellana

Playfulness and whimsy are inspired by the delicate, bell-shaped flowers of the Jovellana plant, symbolizing the light-hearted joy and the whimsical beauty that dance through life.

115. Kniphofia

Vibrancy and energy are named after the red hot poker plant, symbolizing boldness and the vibrant energy that fuels our passions and drives us forward.

116. Lunaria

Honesty and sincerity are named after the honesty plant, known for its translucent seed pods, symbolizing the transparent truth and the sincerity that builds trust and understanding.

117. Mertensia

Dreams and nostalgia are named after the bluebell, symbolizing the sweet, fleeting moments of life that linger in our memories, inviting us to dream and remember with fondness.

118. Nolana

Charm and bonds symbolize the bluebell's ability to create lasting connections, with Nolana reminding us of the enduring charm that binds hearts and forges lasting relationships.

119. Omphalodes

True heart and memories are named after the navelwort, symbolizing deep, heartfelt emotions and the memories that reside in the true heart, reminding us of the connections that define us.

120. Pulmonaria

Life and breath are named after the lungwort, symbolizing health and vitality, with Pulmonaria reminding us of the breath of life that sustains us and the vitality that flows through our being.

Flower Names for Girls

121. Quisqualis

Transformation and beauty are named after the vine known for changing colors, symbolizing growth and change, with Quisqualis reminding us of the beauty that comes with transformation and the growth that shapes our journey.

122. Restio

Strength and flexibility are named after the reed-like plants, symbolizing resilience, with Restio reminding us of the strength found in flexibility and the resilience that comes from bending without breaking.

123. Sisyrinchium

Delicacy and strength are named after the blue-eyed grass, symbolizing the balance of fragility and endurance, with Sisyrinchium reminding us of the delicate strength that resides within us, the power to endure through grace.

124. Triteleia

Threefold beauty is named after the wildflower, symbolizing the beauty of nature's diversity, with Triteleia reminding us of the multifaceted beauty that surrounds us, inviting us to see the world through the lens of wonder and appreciation.

125. Briony

Symbolizing growth and renewal, Briony climbs with the vigor of new beginnings and the promise of rejuvenation.

126. Celandine

Reflecting joy and new opportunities, Celandine shines brightly, offering a path to those seeking light in their lives.

127. Delphinium

Embodying boldness and an open heart, Delphinium stands tall, its spikes pointing towards the sky, reminding us to always reach higher.

128. Eustoma

Signifying appreciation and gratitude, Eustoma blooms with the grace of thankfulness, its petals a soft testament to the beauty of giving thanks.

129. Forsythia

Heralding anticipation and optimism, Forsythia bursts into color before the arrival of spring, symbolizing hope and the bright promise of tomorrow.

130. Gladiolus

Representing strength and integrity, Gladiolus stands with dignity, its sword-like flowers a testament to the courage to stand firm.

131. Hydrangea

Symbolizing heartfelt emotions and understanding, Hydrangea's lush blooms vary in color with the soil's pH, reminding us of the depth and variety of feelings.

132. Iberis

Embodying purity and innocence, Iberis, also known as candytuft, blankets the ground with its snow-white flowers, a symbol of new beginnings.

133. Jonquilla

Reflecting desire and affection, Jonquilla, a type of daffodil, blooms with the warmth of early spring, its fragrance a whisper of budding love.

134. Kirengeshoma

Symbolizing rare beauty and adaptability, Kirengeshoma blooms in the shade, its unique flowers a testament to thriving in any environment.

135. Leucadendron

Representing resilience and longevity, Leucadendron stands against the elements, its foliage a vibrant reminder of enduring strength.

136. Mimulus

Embodying courage and fearlessness, Mimulus, also known as monkey flower, faces the world with bright colors, encouraging bravery in adversity.

137. Nierembergia

Symbolizing persistence and a gentle heart, Nierembergia spreads its delicate blooms, weaving a tapestry of softness and resilience.

138. Osteospermum

Representing hope and serenity, Osteospermum, or African daisy, opens its petals to the sun, a bloom of tranquility in the light of day.

139. Phlox

Symbolizing harmony and unity, Phlox spreads with vibrant clusters of flowers, a reminder of the strength found in togetherness.

140. Quercus

Embodying strength and wisdom, Quercus, the oak, though not a flower, stands majestic, its acorns a symbol of potential and growth.

141. Rudbeckia

Representing justice and truth, Rudbeckia, or black-eyed Susan, shines with integrity, its golden petals a beacon of honesty.

142. Scabiosa

Symbolizing love and admiration, Scabiosa, with its pincushion-like flowers, invites closeness, weaving bonds of affection and esteem.

143. Tithonia

Embodying vitality and warmth, Tithonia, or Mexican sunflower, radiates energy, its fiery blooms a testament to the sun's life-giving power.

144. Ursinia

Symbolizing joy and creativity, Ursinia paints the landscape with vibrant colors, a celebration of life's endless possibilities.

145. Veronica

Representing fidelity and enduring love, Veronica blooms with steadfastness, its spikes a symbol of unwavering commitment.

146. Weigela

Symbolizing protection and shelter, Weigela blooms with the promise of a safe haven, its branches a refuge of comfort and peace.

147. Xanthoceras

Embodying abundance and prosperity, Xanthoceras, or yellowhorn, blossoms with the richness of life, its flowers a herald of bounty.

148. Yarrow

Symbolizing healing and protection, Yarrow offers its medicinal blooms as a guardian of health, weaving a shield of wellness.

149. Zephyr Lily

Representing lightness and elegance, Zephyr Lily floats with the grace of a gentle breeze, its blooms a whisper of the soft touch of beauty.

150. Vinca

Symbolizing enduring friendship and memories, Vinca weaves through the garden with its evergreen leaves and star-shaped flowers, a testament to the lasting bonds that withstand the test of time.


There is a story behind each of these flower names for girls, a deep link to nature, and a special meaning that could inspire or show traits in a child.

You can get a lot of ideas for names for your child from these names that come from the beauty and variety of nature. They remind us of how beautiful nature is and how we want our loved ones to grow in the ways we value.

As we wrap up, let's remember that flower names for girls are more than just labels. They show how we feel about the world around us and the qualities we want to see in the next generation.