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5 Rose Box Gifts for Your Special Day

5 Rose Box Gifts for Your Special Day

Every special day deserves a special gift – one that communicates your affection, warmth, and personal touch. Nothing signifies such sentiments more beautifully than a rose, the universal symbol of love and elegance.

Let us help you elevate your gift-giving experience with these 5 pretty rose box gifts, perfect for your special day. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine's day, these hand-picked rose box gifts will indeed make your day memorable.

Milford Supreme Box



The Milford Supreme Box stands out for its opulence and enduring beauty. Filled with 36 hand-selected, exquisitely preserved roses, the box guarantees to keep the essence of the occasion alive for up to three years. What an extraordinary way to commemorate life's special moments!

The box's distinctiveness lies not just in the number of roses, but also their assorted sizes, giving it a beautifully organic touch. 

Clyde Trapezoid Box


ivory flowers


The Clyde Trapezoid Box make an excellent gift for men, introducing a touch of elegance to their personal space. The sixteen naturally preserved ivory roses set in a unique square box offer an engaging blend of modern aesthetics and timeless luxury.

Belmont Supreme Box

Classic Box Fairy Floss Deluxe

The Belmont Supreme Box captures the essence of timeless elegance in its black box filled with 14-15 lush pink roses. As the pioneer of the preserved flower box concept, this arrangement adds a touch of classic luxury to your home decor.

Windsor Deluxe Satin Box


Heart Black Box Red Roses


The Windsor Deluxe Satin Box is the epitome of love and romance, making it an ideal gift for special occasions like Valentine's Day or anniversaries. Containing 25-30 vibrant red roses in a handcrafted heart-shaped box, this collection embodies the quintessential 'I love you.'

Milford Classic Box


Milford Classic Box


Lastly, the Milford Classic Box is the perfect petite expression of love and appreciation. Nine luxuriously preserved roses enclosed in a compact square box with gold details, this gift box serves as a constant reminder of a cherished moment.

Each of these rose box gifts beautifully preserves the freshness and scent of roses, transforming them into timeless tokens of affection. With meticulous attention to detail, they infuse grace and sophistication into any setting, making them the perfect rose box gifts for your special day.

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