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10 Wedding Flower Preservation Tips from Expert Florists!

10 Wedding Flower Preservation Tips from Expert Florists!

Explore the magic of wedding flower preservation and learn how to keep your cherished blooms forever. From resin to bouquet, we cover everything you need!

Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and preserving your wedding flowers can keep those memories alive for years to come. From your bridal bouquet to the decorative arrangements, each petal and leaf holds a story that is worth to keep.

In this article, we've gathered expert tips for wedding flower preservation, ensuring your cherished blooms will stay for your lifetime. These insights will guide you through making your floral keepsakes as enduring as your love!

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Understanding The Wedding Flower Preservation

wedding flower preservation

Wedding flower preservation turns your special flowers into lasting memories. It’s a way to capture the essence of your wedding day and keep it alive beyond the event. With the right steps, you can keep your wedding flowers looking good and even smelling great for a long time. Whether you pick resin to keep them in or the classic way of drying them, knowing a little about how it works will help you decide the best way to save your bouquet and other flowers.

Why Preserve Your Wedding Flowers?

 wedding flower preservation

Preserving your wedding flowers gives you an eternal memory from one of the best days of your life. You can transform your bouquet into a stunning artwork or put your flowers inside the clear glass dome. By preserving your wedding flower this way, you're not just keeping them as decorations but also keeping the love and promises you shared. Every time you're looking at them, you will remember the joy and commitment on your wedding day, making them a priceless addition to your home.

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Wedding Flower Preservation Methods

When it comes to preserving your wedding flowers, there are wonderful methods which offering its own unique way to keep those precious memories. From modern techniques that turn your wedding flowers into an eternal art piece to traditional methods that maintain the wedding flower's natural charm, preserving your wedding flowers allows you to hold onto a piece of your special day forever. Let's explore them:

Resin Wedding Flower Preservation

wedding flower preservation

One of the most popular and modern methods is resin wedding flower preservation. This technique requires embedding your flowers in clear resin and you can create stunning pieces from it, from jewelry to decorative items. The resin is not only protecting the flowers, but also showing their beauty in a unique and lasting way. 

Traditional Wedding Bouquet Preservation

wedding flower preservation

For those who prefer a more classic approach, wedding bouquet preservation through drying and pressing is a timeless choice. This method allows you to keep your bouquet's shape or transform it into framed artwork, preserving the original colors and textures of your flowers.

Florists Tips: How to Preserve Wedding Flowers

Preserving your wedding flowers keep the memories of your special day alive. Whether you like the modern or traditional looks, these expert tips will help you to start and pick the best method to make your bouquet last for years:

  1. Act Quickly: The sooner you start the wedding flower preservation process, the better the results. Ideally, start within 24 to 48 hours to ensure the flowers are still fresh.
  2. Choose the Right Flowers: Some wedding flowers preserve better than others. Roses, peonies, and lilies tend to stay up well, while freesias and poppies might not last long.
  3. Keep Them Cool: Keep your wedding flowers in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight to prevent wilting before the preservation process.
  4. Consider Resin Preservation: For a modern take, resin preservation can keep your wedding flowers in a clear and durable place. Perfect for decorative pieces or jewelry.
  5. Pressing is Key for a Traditional Look: If you prefer a classic style, pressing your wedding flowers and frame them for a beautiful display is a great choice.
  6. Use Silica Gel for Drying: Silica gel can dry your wedding flowers while maintaining their shape and color. It's an effective method for flowers that might lose their looks with other drying methods.
  7. Spray with Hairspray: Before drying your wedding flowers, lightly spray them with hairspray can help keep the color and add a layer of protection.
  8. Avoid Humidity: Store your preserved wedding flowers in a place with low humidity to prevent them from absorbing moisture.
  9. Professional Help is Worth It: For the best results, consider hiring a florist who specializes in flower preservation. They can offer tailored advice and use methods that are not easily done at home.
  10. Maintenance: Once the wedding flower preserved, keep them in a display case or shadow box to prevent them from dusting and damaging. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight to prevent fading.


Wedding flower preservation is more than just keeping your flowers, it means keeping your special memories alive. Whether you choose the resin wedding flower preservation or traditional bouquet preservation, you can create a lasting tribute to the love and commitment celebrated on your wedding day. With a little care and the right technique, you can cherish your wedding flowers for a long time, making your wedding memories a permanent part of your life.